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Sun Damage

IPL or Photofacial treatments work to reverse sun damage, even your skin tone, and shrink your pores. The Intense Pulse Light treatment works by pulling damaged cells to the surface of your skin and increase the turnover rate of your cells to get rid of the damaged cells.

Laser Sun Damage Treatment FAQs

Does the laser sun damage treatment hurt? 

You will feel a little “pop” as the light hits a discolored area, but it’s no worse than the snap of a rubber band on the skin. Numbing creams are not required. Your skin may be a little pink and feel warm after the procedure.

What is the procedure like? 

The entire face is usually treated with special attention to darker areas. A hand piece with a crystal measuring 1 x 3 cm is methodically walked across clean skin. A gel is applied to the skin to maximize the transmission of light. Clients and providers must both wear protective eyewear during appropriate procedures.

Is there any downtime? 

Downtime is usually less than 24 hours.  

What can I do to prepare for the treatment? 

Refrain from using products containing alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids, benzyl peroxide, retinoids or exfoliation on the face for at least two weeks prior to treatments. Exfoliation includes microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and chemical peels. If you’re taking antibiotics or steroids, schedule your appointment at least two weeks following your last dose.  

We strongly encourage you to make a commitment of staying out of the sun and avoid the use of sunscreen after the treatment and beyond. Spots will return if your skin is exposed to the sun without protection.

Are there any skin color restrictions for IPL treatments?

Yes, this treatment is only available on skin types 1-4. This includes pale, fair, darker white skin, and some lighter brown skin. Your consultation with a laser expert will determine if you qualify for laser treatments.

How many and how frequent can I receive treatments? 

We typically treat 4 to 6 weeks. Most clients require a minimum of 3 treatments. If more than 3 treatments are needed, we will assess your skin 1 month after the 3rd treatment to recommend an extended protocol.