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Be Fit Personal Training

In 2018 Belladonna acquired the New Orleans location of Kelly Personal Training which opened its doors in 2001 to create Be Fit Personal Training. Many of our original clients are still training with us today.

We offer personal fitness with expert trainers in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Try us for free. 30 minutes a week can change your life.

How it Works

Our trainers create custom 30-minute routines of high intensity interval training (HITT) and develop a personalized plan to match your fitness goals.  You’ll see lasting results from this efficient strength training session. Build muscle, tone, see and feel results within weeks.

Professional Equipment

We utilize an extensive line of specialized MedX exercise equipment adaptable to people of all ages and fitness levels. Our equipment and workout plans are safe for even those who have limiting conditions or those in rehabilitation.

Your First Session Is Free.

Book a free introductory session with a trainer, call us at 504-891-1203.

Our Hours & Location 

Our trainers work with you to set an appointment that works best with your busy schedule. Most clients come once or twice a week.

We’re conveniently located in Uptown New Orleans at 1738 Soniat Street.

Call us today to meet with a personal trainer.


We customize your workout.

Our trainers deliver custom 30-minute routines of high intensity interval training (HITT).

We use a combination of weight training, low-intensity cardio and strength building exercises. You’ll build muscle, tone and see and feel results with minimal time.

Your first session is FREE!