Spa Amenities

We encourage all guests to make full use of our campus. Treatments include access to our men and women's welcome salons equipped with fluffy robes and linens, vanities stocked with some of our favorite products, showers, and lockers to safely store belongings. Before a service, guests are welcome to relax in two fully-amenitized lounges that offer a sauna, sitting room, and menu of teas, wine, and other refreshments.
    • Royal Lounge Upgrade
      Relax like a royal. Enjoy the perks of our VIP Membership with private access to the Royal Lounge. Receive personalized attention and enjoy our exclusive cocktail list. Up to four guests and can be added to any spa services.
    • 50

Massage Therapy

All massage therapy is customizable to accommodate two.
    • Therapeutic Massage
    • 20 minutes
      50 minutes
      80 minutes
    • 45
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • 20 minutes
      50 minutes
      80 minutes
    • 55
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • 50 minutes
      80 minutes
    • 115
    • Prenatal Massage
    • 50 minutes
    • 90
    • Enhancements
  • Foot Reflexology with Scrub+45
  • Scalp Massage+35
  • Cupping+30
  • Still Bath+30
  • Organic+15
  • Power Nap+25
  • CBD Oil+15/25

Body Wraps & Scrubs

    • Mud Body Wrap
      Hydrates and firms your skin and soothes and relaxes tired muscles.
    • 80 minutes
    • 145
    • Seaweed Body Wrap
      Minimize the appearance of cellulite and restore elasticity.
    • 80 minutes
    • 145
    • Chocolate Scrub
      Alleviate dry skin and help remineralize the pores.
    • 50 minutes
    • 100
    • Coffee Scrub
      Invigorate and replenish dry skin to improve circulation.
    • 50 minutes
    • 100
    • Salt Scrub
      Renew your skin with a rejuvenating sea salt body exfoliation.
    • 50 minutes
    • 100
    • Sugar Scrub
      Nourish your body with an exfoliating antioxidant.
    • 50 minutes
    • 100

Body Treatment Packages

Unwind with a detoxifying still bath, replenish with a body wrap or scrub, conclude with a relaxing massage.
    • Detox
      Still Bath, Seaweed Wrap, Deep Tissue Massage
    • Estimated 140 minutes
    • 255
    • Restore
      Still Bath, Mud Wrap, Therapeutic Massage
    • Estimated 140 minutes
    • 255
    • Revitalize
      Still Bath, Bamboo Scrub, Deep Tissue Massage
    • Estimated 110 minutes
    • 190


    • Classic Facial
      Customized skin treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin.
    • 90
    • Organic Facial
      Combines the latest technology to brighten skin and improve tone and texture. Natural fruit acids and botanical extracts will leave your skin radiant.
    • 110
    • Soothing Sensitive Facial
      Tailored for sensitive, dehydrated, and post procedure skin. Revilatizes, increases strength, and enhances radiance.
    • 110
    • Firming Facial
      This anti-aging treatment plumps, hydrates, and stimulates collagen production.
    • 155
    • Reparative Facial
      Reform your skin with this hydrating and brightening skin treatment. Great for environmentally damaged or mature skin..
    • 155
    • Resurfacing Mirco-Facial
      Skin in need of smoothing and plumping, hydration, and deep cleaning can benefit most from this service. Ask about discounted treatment package.
    • 165

Clinical Treatments

    • Micro Current
      Like a noninvasive mini face lift. Stimulates skin and muscle increasing blood flow, and creating firmer, healthier skin.
    • 125
    • Dermaplaning
      Removes fine vellus hair to allow deeper product penetration
    • 75
    • Retinol Power Peel
      This three level peel minimizes lines and deep wrinkles while boosting skin's radience
    • 65
    • Lunch Time Peel
      A result oriented peel that can be applied in as little as 30 minutes. Between 2 to 5 customizable layers determined by your skin type and desired results.
    • 80
    • Rejuventating
      Glycolic facial peel
    • 50
    • Anti-Oxidant Treatment
      Vitamin C
    • 50
    • LED Light Treatment
    • 50
    • Hand & Arm Enhancements
    • 35
    • Lip Enhancement
    • 15


    • Eyebrow
    • 20
    • Lip
    • 15
    • Full/Half Arm
    • 45/30
    • Full/Lower Leg
    • 70/45
    • Bikini
    • 40
    • Brazilian
    • 60
    • Lash Tint
    • 40
    • Brow Tint
    • 25
    • Wax-Free Brow Shaping
    • 20

Nail Therapy

    • Classic Manicure
      Hand Scrub and Massage
    • 30 minutes
    • 25
    • Classic Pedicure
      Foot Scrub and Massage
    • 60 minutes
    • 55
    • Prime Manicure
      Paraffin & Hot Towel Treatment
    • 60 minutes
    • 55
    • Prime Pedicure
      Paraffin & Hot Towel Treatment
    • 90 minutes
    • 95
    • Enhancements
  • Hand Peel+15
  • Prenatal+20
  • Gel Polish+30/25
  • French Polish+5/10
  • Nail Repair+7.5
  • Men+5


    • Special Event Makeup
      60 Minute professional makeup application for any special event.
    • 100
    • Key Feature Touch Up
      Revive your skin as we brighten your eyes, refresh your skin, and add color with a mineral makeup application.
    • 45
    • Professional Makeup Lesson
      Receive a step-by-step makeup lesson with customized product recommendations.
    • 85

Weddings & Bridal

    • Bridal Consultation
    • On Site
      Off Site
    • 100
    • Bridal Makeup Application
    • Bride Only
      Bride Plus Two
      Bride Plus Four
    • 175
      125 (each)
      100 (each)

Group Packages

Our spa concierge can plan your entire day. Email to book one of our group packages, reserve a room, or request extra amenities such as décor, balloons, wines or additional spirits. Room rental and gratuity not included in package cost.
    • Bella Bash
      Celebrate with a half day experience that includes 50 min massage and a classic manicure.
    • 3 Hours
    • 140 (each)
    • Absolute Royal
      Escape for a full day experience that includes 80min massage, classic facial, spa lunch, and classic manicure and pedicure.
    • 5 Hours
    • 350 (each)
  • Professional makeup application+50
  • Gel polish+30/25
  • Gel polish removal+15/20


Incredible full and half-day wellness retreats at our Uptown Spa. Escape for any occasion – plus priority access to all our salons, private lounges and amenities. All experiences include on-site catered spa lunch. Contact our spa desk to schedule.
    • Renew
      Nourish yourself with a full day of our most therapeutic spa treatments. Includes a customized facial, therapeutic massage, sauna, manicure, pedicure, professional makeup application, and retail therapy.
    • 7 hours
    • 350 per person
    • Replenish
      Renew your body and mind with a full day of cleansing treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Includes a still bath, seaweed wrap, deep tissue massage, sauna, soothing sensitive facial, vitamin C peel, and pedicure.
    • 7 hours
    • 425 per person
    • Relax
      Escape with a half day of soothing treatments designed to relieve stress and revive your body. Includes a still bath, salt scrub, hot stone massage, and pedicure.
    • 4.5 hours
    • 275 per person
    • Rejuvenate
      Replenish yourself with a half day of revitalizing treatments. Includes a mud body wrap, therapeutic massage, customizable facial, and sauna.
    • 4.5 hours
    • 400 per person
    • Reconnect
      Share a half day of bliss with your significant other. Includes a couple’s massage, classic facial, and manicure with paraffin and hot towel treatment.
    • 4.5 hours
    • 225 per person

For Men

Men can enjoy any of Belladonna's other treatments.
    • Warrior Massage Enhancement
      Extend any massage service with a 25 minute Sore Muscle add on. Sweet birch gel and a dry hot pack treat overworked muscles that are then stretched and restored with trigger point therapy.
    • 35
    • Perfectly Rugged Men's Facial
      Repairs damage caused by daily shaving, skin sensitivity, dullness, and aging. Ideal for men that like to look and feel their best.
    • 120
    • Men's Manicure
    • 30
    • Men's Pedicure
    • 60
    • Men's Waxing
  • Chest30
  • Stomach30
  • Back40
  • Manzilian100

Laser Facials

Call our Spa Concierge at 504.891.4393 for more info on our laser services, pricing and package discounts.
    • Harmony: Fractional Ablative Full Face
      For acne scars, age spots and uneven skin tone, deep wrinkles, poor skin texture, and enlarged pores.
    • Harmony: Clear Lift Full Face
      Achieve firmer, plumper skin quickly without invasive surgery or damage to the skin’s surface.
    • Harmony: DyeVL Photo Facial
      For vascular and pigmented lesions, Port wine stains, Hemangiomas. Rosacea, Angiomas and Hyperpigmentation.
    • Harmony: Brown Spots Large Area
      For areas with darker or pigmented skin, brown spots or damaged skin.
    • Harmony: Brown Spots Small Area
      For areas with darker or pigmented skin, brown spots or damaged skin.
    • Harmony: Clear Lift Resurfacing Scars
      Laser treatment that is effective at not only treating uneven textures and nonresponsive skin, but the dermal layer as well.

Laser Hair Removal

Call our Spa Concierge at 504.891.4393 for more info on our laser services, pricing and package discounts.
    • Harmony: Hair Removal Large Area
      The treatment can remove unwanted hair from the legs, arms, back, and shoulders, regardless of your hair or skin type.
    • Harmony: Hair Removal Small/Medium Area
      The treatment can remove unwanted hair from underarms, upper lip, and the bikini area, regardless of your hair or skin type.

Laser Skin Tightening

Call our Spa Concierge at 504.891.4393 for more info on our laser services, pricing and package discounts.
    • Accent Prime: Upper Arms
      Fat reduction and skin tightening for arms.
    • Accent Prime: Buttocks
      Reduces fatty areas and smooths cellulite on buttocks.
    • Accent Prime: Abdomen
      Reduced excess skin and tightens belly post-pregnancy.
    • Accent Prime: Thighs
      Reduce cellulite on upper thighs and tone skin.
    • Accent Prime: Face
      Treat skin conditions and improve tone and texture on the face.
    • Accent Prime: Chin
      Reduce unsightly fat under the chin and tone and texture.
    • Accent Prime: Neck
      Tone wrinkles and tighten skin on the neck.